A Crisis of Disengagement: What’s Happening to our Workforce?

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In this Episode:

Kelly and Brian speak with Andrew Sherman, author of “A Crisis of Disengagement” about how COVID turned America’s workforce upside down and how some companies are learning to strengthen relationships with their employees.

Highlights from Andrew:

  • If you have a culture that people believe is authentic, you need to make it a competitive edge in your hiring, and retention of good people.
  • Focus on employees in the middle of the pack. They have the biggest chance for return on investment in terms of engagement and morale.
  • For small business owners, you are your own chief purpose officer. Create hiring, retention and reward practices around culture that aligns with people in your circle. 
  • Do everything from a place of authenticity. Disengagement skyrockets when those in charge act inauthentically. 
  • Don’t stick your head in the sand. If culture is a problem, address it. Denial will only exacerbate the issue.