A Pandemic Recovery Roadmap for NJ Business Owners

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In this episode, Kelly Brozyna and Brian Moran, co-hosts of the Not So Small Business Podcast, discuss current issues and obstacles facing NJ business owners as the state fully reopens its doors. Have a pen and paper ready as they have at least five key tips you will want to implement into your business TODAY!

Insights from Kelly and Brian:

  • The NJ Small Business Development Centers provide no cost/low-cost consulting to NJ business owners in the form of webinars, training events, newsletters, webcasts, and more.
  • If you’re a NJ business owner and have questions about your business, reach out to one of the 12 NJSBDCs across the state; they can help you! 
  • Over the past year, savvy business owners upped their social media game to stay connected to their customers and prospects. They grew their online business by sharing links to products or services when customers inquired about them. These conversations continue to happen in 2021.
  • Every NJ business, regardless of their size, has a brand identity. Don’t think so? Ask your customers, vendors, and suppliers to describe you and your business in four words. See how many use the same or similar words. Those words ARE your brand. 
  • The NJSBDC does a lot of research and surveys on the needs of local businesses and what keeps them up at night. We want to be proactive in helping our clients, so it’s important that we keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the Garden State.

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