An Update on NJ’s Small Business Development Centers

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In this Episode: 

Kelly Brozyna, NJSBDC’s State Director, gives business owners an update on all the services and programs being offered at the SBDCs throughout the state of New Jersey. Every NJ business owner should listen to this episode!

Highlights from Kelly:

Importance of Doing Business Right: The NJ SBDC partners with other organizations, like the statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, to ensure MJ businesses avoid pitfalls and follow the right path.

Success with NJ SBDC: Businesses that consult with a Small Business Development Center are 74% more likely to be successful than those that don’t. The key is accessing the right talent and resources to help businesses succeed.

Internal Growth and Resources: The NJSBDC is introducing statewide learning labs. These labs will focus on areas such as procurement, certification, and exporting. Alongside the learning labs, they offer certifications to businesses and will intensify this effort in the fall.

More Experts: The NJSBDC is looking to increase their expertise by hiring individuals fluent in multiple languages to cater to diverse business communities.

Targeted Initiatives: Several new programs are launching, including efforts to support businesses in cities, businesses led by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, businesses started by formerly incarcerated individuals, and initiatives centered on the energy sector, especially around wind energy in the Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
Legal Clinics: A new initiative starting in the fall –are legal clinics for business owners. The clinics will involve faculty, students, and pro bono lawyers to help with legal structuring and other legal aspects of starting and growing a business.


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