Brian Moran on the Small Business Hot Seat

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In this Episode:

Kelly puts her co-host, Brian Moran, on the hot seat to answer questions about where small businesses are headed in the second half of 2022, what we can expect from the government, and how he might navigate the uncharted waters ahead.

Highlights from Our Discussion with Brian:

  • The government’s trying to slow down consumer demand. They want to see unemployment a little bit higher, and they are going to raise interest rates. They will overcorrect on interest rates to try and bring down inflation.
  • Business owners must prepare themselves for the future and think twice about investment opportunities. Smart business owners will see opportunities ahead and lower barriers to entry in certain markets and industries. 
  • Smart investment opportunities will exist for those who have access to capital, managed their debt and don’t have any problems with receivables.
  • Make sure your financials are up to date, your receivables are in order, you have a firm grasp on the direction of your variable costs. 
  • Find Advisors! Call your local Small Business Development Center and tell them your biggest pain point. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Tell them your worries and business issues and see if they can help you. Whether it’s financial, social media, or tech-related, make the call. You might also have a big opportunity and you need advice. Call a Small Business Development Center today!