Empowering Communities: Keisha Wesley’s Journey from Fire Dispatcher to Lifesaving Entrepreneur

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In This Episode:

Keisha Renee Wesley, a proud 26-year veteran of the Paterson Fire Department shared her remarkable story of channeling her passion into empowering her community with vital life-saving skills through her initiative “CPR Learning for Us.” Brian also spoke with Keisha about “Justice 4 Just Us,” an outlet providing crucial support to dispatchers facing PTSD. 

Podcast Highlights:

  • Keisha identified her strengths, including communication, socializing, and teaching, which led her to consider how she could continue making a difference in her community.
  • Keisha founded “CPR Learning for Us” to empower her community with vital lifesaving skills, particularly targeting underserved communities where CPR education is lacking.
  • CPR and first aid certification can enhance the employability of young individuals, especially those who cannot afford college. These skills can be added to resumes, making them attractive candidates for various jobs and programs.
  • Keisha operates as a “traveling instructor,” offering convenience by bringing CPR classes directly to individuals and families in their comfort zones, making it easier for people to access this crucial training.
  • Keisha offers a valuable service by providing CPR training on short notice, making it convenient for people with expiring CPR cards or those in need of immediate certification.
  • There is value in providing CPR and first aid certification for employees in food establishments, recognizing that these skills can be crucial in emergency situations.
  • Keisha started “Justice for Just Us” to offer mental health support and resources for dispatchers who often face traumatic experiences in their line of work. She aims to provide a voice and outlet for those in need.