Finding the Right Grant for Your NJ-Based Business: Our Q&A with Judith Sheft, Executive Director of CSIT

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Kelly and Brian talk with Judith Sheft, Executive Director at the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, otherwise known as CSIT. They talk about grants for NJ’s startup business community, federal SBIR/STTR programs for NJ innovation-based entrepreneurs, and a lot more. Well worth your time if you’re looking for more valuable resources for your NJ business.

Key Takeaways from Judith, Kelly, and Brian:

  • Governor Murphy reestablished the commission on science, innovation, and technology (CSIT) in August 2018. 
  • CSIT’s mission is to strengthen the innovation economy within the state, encourage collaboration between small businesses and academia, and help drive the translation of early stage innovations. 
  • CSIT has different grants available to small business owners. When they visit our website, the first thing they should do is check the eligibility requirements to make sure that their business is eligible to apply for a particular grant. 
  • Once the eligibility is determined, business owners will go into an online portal and start working on their application. CSIT will need them to provide business information, how they plan to use the money, and then various documents (e.g., New Jersey tax clearance certificate, revenue verification, verify employee status).

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