Going Global with NJ’s STEP Program (State Trade Expansion Program)

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In this Episode:

Brian and Kelly talk to Melanie Willoughby, Executive Director of New Jersey’s Business Action Center (NJBAC) about a new program called STEP which helps NJ small business owners tap into international markets.

Highlights from Melanie:

  • Go to the portal on business.nj.gov to live chat with an expert from the Business Action Center about any governmental issues or concerns.
  • When you have a problem with Treasury or the D.E.P., or you are challenged by a permit, perhaps from a local government, call the New Jersey Business Action Center and you present your issue to us and we will either help you resolve it or help you determine how best resolve it. 
  • BAC has a live portal for business owners at www.business.nj.gov.  They can also call our helpline for help in English and Spanish at 1-800 Jersey7. 
  • New Jersey STEP (State Trade Expansion Program) is part of our Office of Export Promotion, helps business owners interested in the global market opportunities get grant money to attend trade shows, change their website into different languages, file the necessary paperwork, and more.

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