Helping Your Business Succeed in 2023

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In this Episode: Kelly and Brian welcome listeners to 2023 and share with them all the ways that the NJSBDC can help them in business this year. Listen, take notes, and then call or visit your local NJ Small Business Development Center. 

Highlights from Kelly and Brian:

  • There are 11 centers across New Jersey, covering every county in the state. These centers are located on college campuses but also have affiliate and satellite offices within the communities.
  • To access our services, a business owners must first register on our website ( Based on their zip code, the system will direct the owner to the appropriate center.
  • The NJSBDC can also seamlessly connect clients to other resources and partners such as the Veterans Chamber, African American Chamber, or New Jersey Business Action Center.
  • We also help businesses with research and data analysis to evaluate market demand and make informed decisions about expansion or exploring new opportunities.
  • We serve as a hub for resources and technical assistance, connecting businesses to the right assistance and support networks for their specific needs.
  • We have bilingual consultants, particularly in Spanish, and consultants who speak other languages to cater to the diverse linguistic needs of the community they serve.

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