How the NJ Business Action Center Can Help YOUR Business

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In this Episode:

Kelly and Brian host Melanie Willoughby, Executive Director of the New Jersey Business Action Center (NJBAC). Melanie talks about the vast number of programs they offer to support NJ businesses. If you are a NJ small business and you haven’t reached out to Melanie and the NJ Business Action Center, what are you waiting for?

Highlights from Our Discussion with Melanie:

  • A website with valuable resources for NJ businesses is
  • Small businesses need a helping hand because they don’t have a lot of staff and resources. They can visit NJBAC with almost any question about running their company and we will help them. 
  • NJBAC partnered with NJSBDC, in part, to help NJ business owners with getting access to much needed capital. 
  • When NJ business owners have questions about grants, tax certifications, business certifications, and more, their first phone call should be to NJBAC. We can connect them with the agency or partner who is in the best position to help them.

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