How to Really Succeed in Business and in Life: Our Conversation with Len Green

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In this Episode:

Kelly and Brian talk with serial entrepreneur, author, mentor, and college Professor Len Green from the Green Group. Len provides advice and shares incredible stories from his decades in business (he is currently involved in over 30 companies) as well as his 20+ years teaching at three different colleges and universities. This podcast must listen to material as you make your plans for success in 2023. Enjoy!

Len’s Advice to Business Owners:

  • We had a company called South Beach Beverage. The initial product struggled. We seriously thought about shutting it down as a failure when somebody from the mail room said “I mixed it with alcohol and it’s really good.” We changed the name to Sobe beverages, marketed it differently, and eventually sold it for $350 million. The moral of the story here–listen to your employees. 
  • A big mistake business owners make is that they don’t spend enough time on strategy or thinking about what they want to achieve. They are too busy putting out fires. They don’t see when danger is coming around the corner. 
  • Another big mistake business owners make is when they select a board of advisors, it’s usually people who look and think like them. There’s no diversity on their board. They won’t be able to look at problems and opportunities from different angles.
  • Don’t tell me about your problems; tell me how you plan to fix your problems! Those are the people I want around me. 
  • For all the hard work and sweat equity business owners put into their companies, the real secret to success is understanding finances, and how to make money for your business.