Incredible Resources Available TODAY to New Jersey Small Business Owners

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In this Episode

Kelly and Brian talk with Don Newman, Director of Small Business Advocacy at the NJ Business Action Center (BAC). Don is a wealth of information and provides numerous resources and program information to help NJ business owners with all aspects of their companies, from Financial to Exporting. If you are a NJ business owner, you can’t afford to miss this podcast!

Highlights from Our Discussion with Don:

  • There are numerous resources available to New Jersey business owners. The different agencies, such as NJBAC and NJSBDC, work together to successfully help as many companies as possible. We are partners not competitors.
  • The advice I would give business owners today is to watch your cash flow management and financial obligations. It’s always important to have control over your finances.
  • Most NJ businesses don’t realize that the Department of Labor has business reps in every county that can help them find qualified employees.
  • NJ has programs available to help the businesses reinvest back into their business. Call the NJBAC and let us see if you’re eligible for any of the incentive programs.
  • The NJBAC works with the NJ Small Business Development Centers to help provide mentoring services for NJ business owners.