Planning for Success with Stacey Linderman

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In this Episode:

Kelly and Brian speak with Stacey Linderman, Founder & Principal Consultant at A6 Financial and Business Optimization, a financial and strategic advisor for companies in every stage of business. Stacey gives firsthand experiences of how companies successfully navigated the past two years, how business has changed since then, and what she sees for the future of work.

Highlights from Our Discussion with Stacey:

  • Some hidden obstacles in the new way to work include compliance, protocol, changes in payroll, tax implications, how the wage tax impacts them, and how employers could communicate to their employees.
  • Wellness programs should include keeping employees healthy, even though they are working from home, and keeping them connected to people, even though they are online. 
  • Our conversations with clients focus on their mission and where can we jump in to help them.