Small Business Trends: A Conversation with Rieva Lesonsky

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In this Episode:

Kelly and Brian talk with Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of, former Editor at Entrepreneur magazine, and one of the most respected journalists in the small business market. They discussed the current state of small business, what’s ahead, and why business owners should be planning now for the upcoming holidays.

Highlights from the Discussion with Rieva:

  • The birth rate ticked up; it had been headed down for almost a decade. When people have kids, they need to buy supplies and services. They’re also looking for childcare help.  
  • Discovery Marketing is when consumers discover your company, what you sell, and where you are located. I use the term to include different marketing strategies and tactics that help get businesses discovered. 
  • Email is still the most cost-effective ROI that you get from marketing, but text marketing has skyrocketed in usage and acceptance. With emails, consumers may not check it right away. In text marketing, your message gets seen almost immediately (even if it doesn’t get replied to at that time). Text marketing does not have high response rates, but it gets seen.
  • Don’t over-saturate your customers with messages every single day.
  • Your business/website is the center of your hub. Everything feeds into the hub, and everything is interconnected. Use social media to promote your content marketing, promote your website, and send your emails.