The ABCs of Managing & Building Your Company Brand Today

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In This Episode

Kelly and Brian speak with Jocelyn Ring, a Brand Strategist and Consultant at the Ring Effect. They discuss how brands have changed over the past few years and how business owners can strengthen their brands while avoiding common mistakes made by many small businesses. It’s a great listen. 

Tips from Jocelyn:

  • There are two sets of culture: One is nice, bright, and shiny. We create it in a brand strategy meeting, and it talks about how we operate, our values, our norms, and behaviors. The other culture is the way that the business actually operates on a daily basis. 
  • When there is a miscommunication of what a business does externally versus what it’s actually doing, it confuses the marketplace
  • My approach to branding starts at a deep, foundational level. I need to understand a company’s mission, vision, and values. I look at their purpose, and how they communicate and interact internally. I want to see how a company lives up to their brand every day. 
  • A company doesn’t “own” its brand; it lives in the mind of their customers and anyone else interacting with the brand. 
  • Brand work and leadership development work go hand in hand. 
  • Bricks or Sticks is a month-long workshop for business owners who want or need a much stronger foundation in business from which to operate. We identify what type of business owner they are, we help them set up a GPS plan for their company, we help them become more proactive in business, we work on internal and external branding, and we play something called the “What If” game.