The “What If” Game

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In this episode, Brian quizzes Kelly on how she would handle many of the top issues and priorities that NJ business owners face on a regular basis. For example, “what if you lost your largest customer, what would you do?” Hear Kelly’s responses and then start to put together your own answers to the What If game. 

Key Questions and Takeaways from Kelly, & Brian

  • The “What If” game requires business owners to answer the tough questions that keep them up at night. By answering the questions in advance of when disaster strikes, they will be better prepared to successfully get through the worst situations.
  • If you lose a key client to a competitor, find out why they left and if it could have been prevented.
  • Make sure that one client doesn’t represent most of your revenue. If they leave you, it could mean the end of your company.
  • Do you have the right insurance if your building burned down? Do you back up your content to the cloud?
  • Are your Accounts Receivable up to date? If disaster hits your customers, it may be months, or longer, before you get paid.
  • Do you have long-term disability insurance in the event you, or one of your partners, cannot work for a period of time?

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