What Your Business Needs to Know Right Now About AI

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In This Episode

John Lawson gives listeners an education on the basics of AI and how it will transform every business.    

AI Insights from John Lawson:

  • Leveraging Underutilized Resources: If you have an email list but aren’t utilizing it because you don’t know what to say, ChatGPT can help you craft compelling messages for better engagement.
  • Global Outreach: AI can help businesses become aware of and adapt to global trends, thus helping them to tailor products for different countries and cultures.
  • Local Impact: AI can also help tap into different cultural pockets within your local area, offering a more customized service or product, thereby attracting more local business.
  • Unleash Creativity: ChatGPT serves as a playground for your imagination. There are no set rules, which encourage users to ask questions and engage in a dialogue with the model.
  • Long-Term Conversation: Instead of starting new threads for different aspects of your business, keeping the conversation going in a single thread can make the AI more attuned to your specific needs and tone.
  • AI is Here to Scale Human Efforts: The primary function of AI in this context is to help businesses scale their operations, whether it’s through automated customer service or content creation.
  • Avoiding Technological Stagnation: Given the rapid evolution of AI, don’t fall behind! Stay on the cutting edge of AI to maintain competitiveness.

Starting Small is Okay: The scalable nature of AI solutions like ChatGPT means that you can start small and grow your capabilities as your comfort level increases.